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Energy Werx Lloydminster Can Help You Today With CMHC Mortgage Insurance

Jan 16

Offering energy efficient solutions for your home. 

Start Saving Today With CMHC Mortgage Insurance - Energy Werx Lethbridge Can Help.

Attention Lloydminster Home Buyers! Are you aware that you can save 25% off of your CMHC Mortgage Insurance with the help of our Energy Advisors at Energy Werx Lloydminster? Introducing CMHC Eco Plus. Eligible applicants can either buy a home that meets the targets already, or buy a home and renovate it to meet the target which is 'an EnerGuide rating of at least 20% lower than "A Typical New House"'. 

Check out the latest blog on how our Energy Advisors can help you save money on your home and the upgardes available to you.

Clients must apply within 24 months of closing on their mortgage, and have paid for CMHC mortgage insurance. You may use an EnerGuide rating from within 5 years, even from a previous homeowner. If you are renovating a home, you must have your pre-evaluation completed before beginning your upgrades. 

Your post-evaluation report will have the updated EnerGuide Rating you need to qualify for this program! If you are looking at buying a newer, highly efficient home, our Registered Energy Advisors can perform an EnerGuide Rating service to provide you with the rating certification needed to qualify for this program. 

Reach out today by calling or texting 780-777-8672 or emailing [email protected] to get started or learn more! Thousands of dollars of savings are at your fingertips!



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