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Can Solar Power run an Air Conditioner?

Oct 4

Photons from sunlight are captured by solar power systems to generate energy. This energy is used to power many different items, such as appliances or rooms in your home. People often ask about solar power systems and whether they can run an air conditioner.


To answer your question first, yes solar power can run an air conditioner. Solar panels can produce a lot more energy than you might think.

They can also power more than an air conditioner unit. There are many sizes and configurations of solar power systems. You need to select the best model for you.


Continue reading to learn more about solar power systems that generate electricity for air conditioners.

Is it possible to power an air conditioner using solar power?

Many air conditioners can run on solar energy. Yes, solar power can be used to run air conditioners.

To avoid any problems, however, you need to be familiar with all details regarding running your solar-powered air conditioner.


Solar panels are popular because they allow you to cut down on your monthly energy bills.

The Right Solar Power System to power your Air Conditioner

Solar-powered air conditioners come in many sizes and power configurations. You need to consider the layout and size of your home when choosing the right solar-powered air conditioning unit.

Heating requires more power than cooling. Your heater will quickly run out of power if it is powered by solar energy. Talk to a local expert if you need help choosing the right air conditioner.

On-Grid Solar Power System For an AC

On-grid solar systems consist of panels, inverters, smart meters, and breaker panels. In order to run an air conditioner on an on-grid system, you will need multiple high kilowatt panels.

A local solar company can help you find the right equipment, cost, and how to install it. This process is far simpler than installing an off-grid system.


After your system is up and running, net metering can provide a significant benefit. These programs pay you for any excess power generated. It is important to remember that the majority of on-grid solar systems can't function without electricity, as they work in conjunction with the primary utility grid.

How much does it cost?

It is important to fully understand your entire system before you can estimate how much it will cost for an air conditioner to be run on solar power. A solar system includes solar panels, charge controllers, and batteries as well as an inverter. Your system's most basic expense would be solar panels, which are also very expensive.


Solar-powered HVAC systems can be more expensive than regular air conditioning systems. They cost about $2,000 before the installation fees. The price of the package rises to approximately $5,000 when you add the installation fee. Although a solar HVAC system can be expensive, it can save you money on your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint. You can also check to find out if your state or locality offers incentives for solar-powered AC.


This is the total cost of the plates. Add to that the cost of the whole system (including the inverter and batteries) and it can easily reach 2-3 lacs. It is likely to go up if your air conditioner has more capacity than 1 ton. For 1.5-ton you'd need a system with nearly 3kW power. This would double the cost. However, there is an advantage. You will be able not only to run the air conditioner but all your other small appliances such as fans, lights, and LED TVs.