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Solar Power Services Guide

Aug 25


Although a solar energy system can be a large financial investment, it is possible to maintain your panels for 25 years with proper service and maintenance.

Solar panels are usually installed on a roof and require high voltages, advanced technology, and expensive equipment. It's best to have your solar power system maintained by professionals.


This article will discuss the care and cost of your solar power system, what it costs, how to determine if you require solar maintenance, common causes of damage to solar power systems, and why you should think about a solar maintenance program.


How often do solar power systems need maintenance?

Solar photovoltaic power systems have no moving parts and can last for up to 25 years with proper maintenance. It is important to check your solar power system every year to ensure that everything is in order. Also, make sure to clean your panels to avoid any serious problems.


Good panel cleaning is one of the most important preventative maintenance tasks. You don't want any debris to block the sun's rays or reduce your power output. Although rain is generally good for keeping panels clean, if your panels haven't been cleaned by rain in a while (especially during dry seasons), you will need to clean them manually. For maximum performance, a thorough solar cleaning should be done once a year. However, some locations may require more frequent cleanings. Arizona solar experts should be contacted if there are any anomalies in your power output. They'll inspect your system and fix any issues that they discover.


Solar inverters are the second most important piece of equipment for your solar power system. They're also the most complicated and crucial. Inverters have a shorter life span than panels so it is important to check all equipment annually to identify potential problems before they escalate.

Can I do my solar service and maintenance myself?

Although you may be able to do some minor maintenance, such as cleaning the dirt off your panels with a hose or cleaning up any stains, it is best to leave most of the maintenance to professionals. It can be dangerous to climb on the roof and you don’t want to injure yourself. Safety gear is provided by trained professionals to help protect you and your investment.


Additionally, high levels of electricity can cause serious health problems. An expert can help you take care of expensive equipment so that you don't waste your money on unneeded or incompatible parts.

A professional solar company in Arizona should be approached if there is any serious damage to your power system. They'll fix all the issues that they discover in your solar panels.


Cost of Solar Power Maintenance?

It is difficult to give a single-size-fits-all cost for solar maintenance. This is because it depends on many variables such as the system design, equipment manufacturer, and maintenance contract.

For a typical visit to solar maintenance or service, you can expect to pay between $250 and $750.

Some companies charge flat rates for cleaning panels, while others charge per pane, usually between $15 and $35.

The price for an annual solar inspection is usually in the $150-300 range. The inspection may reveal the need for repair or replacement of damaged or underperforming components such as inverters, wiring or panels. This cost can usually be quoted at inspection and is subject to an additional charge.