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Unique Tools For Electricians

May 24

A unique tool for electrical professionals is one that can make their job easier. ErgoStrip is one such tool. This pistol-like tool allows electricians to dismantle cables and slit them easily. Its design makes it easy to use in tight spaces, and its length guides and ridges help to improve accuracy. This handy tool should be in an electrician's tool bag. Read on to learn more about this tool.


Conduit benders

You may have never heard of a conduit bender if you're a professional electrician. These unique tools are specially designed to bend the pipes of electrical conduits. They come with markings to represent the angles at which you should bend the conduit. You can easily determine which bend to make and apply the necessary force to complete it by holding the handle with your foot. Once you've made the desired bend, you can simply release the pedal, and the conduit will continue to bend in the desired direction.

The main advantage of a conduit bender is that it's the only tool you'll need to bend pipes. You can use it to bend conduits that are more difficult to bend. It's important to place the bender on a firm surface and apply force to it. You should avoid slipping, or the bender will slip and cause ripples. Using a bender will help you complete the job faster, too.

Hand-free magnetic Torpedo level

The Greenlee Mini magnetic electrician's torpedo level is a handheld tool that comes with a sturdy frame and V-groove bottom. It features four rare earth magnets and is compatible with conduits and pipework. Its 0.1-degree accuracy allows you to accurately measure the height and angle of metal surfaces without bending or losing your grip. In addition, the Greenlee Mini has a large display for easy reading in all lighting conditions.

This torpedo level is easy to use and features an auto-locking mechanism. Its patented magnet track is designed to resist dropping even after rigorous usage. It also comes with an air bubble that floats to the top of the vial, indicating a leveled object. Its handy size makes it suitable for people who work in tight spaces. The V-groove system straddles pipe systems of 10 inches and under. This level features an automatic 45deg angle for easy reference and alignment.

Delphi connectors and terminals

A wide selection of crimping and terminal sets for a variety of electrical applications are available from Delphi. Delphi's GT Series is commonly used for USCAR applications. Its connector bodies are individually sealed to prevent shorting. These products also feature a unique TPA (thermoplastic adhesive) coating to prevent arcing. Although Delphi offers these products for various applications, some customers may need to determine the wire gauge or type of a cable to use their products properly.

Fish tape

A fish tape is a great tool for many applications and is one of the most versatile tools in the electrician's toolbox. It extends to a maximum length of 25 feet, making it ideal for residential and light commercial installations. This tool's high-tensile steel tape holds stiff even with long runs, and its slotted tips provide a firm grip. The tape is made of high-quality steel, and its case is made from durable polypropylene plastic.

When choosing a fish tape, consider the quality of the material. There are three main types of fish tape: fiberglass, steel, and stainless steel. Steel is a good general-purpose choice, thanks to its low cost and high tensile strength. Steel also offers rust-resistant properties, making it ideal for coastal areas and underground conduits. Both types of tapes are easy to use and are inexpensive to buy.


The ErgoStrip is a universal dismantling tool that makes cable stripping fast and efficient. Its ergonomic handle rests comfortably in your hand, while the tapered front end allows for space-saving dismantling work in flush-mounted sockets. Its markings inside the tool enable accurate, repeated stripping of single and coaxial cables, and it's equipped with a slit and twist-action for ease of use.


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